This site is designed to be publicly viewable and editable! Yes, that's right! YOU are encouraged to contribute! Currently, contributors must be registered members of the Forum. Once you have registered, you should visit the Sandbox and play around with the various editing options. Plenty of documentation is available to answer your questions. When you feel ready, jump in and contribute! Right now, the major focus should be on completing the species accounts for turtles, frogs, and salamanders, but even correction of typos is of benefit.

A wiki provides a unique experience for users and contributors alike. Contributors are responsible for maintaining the integrity and accuracy of the information presented. Copyrighted materials should be used only by permission and properly credited. Plagiarism should be avoided. (A good rule of thumb is to locate at least three different sources for the same information and then write it in your own words.)

Photo Galleries

Photographs on this site are hosted through Flickr. You are encouraged to contribute your own Flickr photographs of wild Arkansas herps by adding them to the Herps of Arkansas Flickr group.

To Do

End of Year 2015 (Senior Author)

  • Update educational slide show programs...done
  • Update senior author profile...done
  • New year goals and targets post...abandoned; no time
  • Year in review post...abandoned; no time
  • Financial report...done
  • Yearly firsts reminder post...done
  • Trim wiki pages...done
  • Trim unneeded files (pictures, etc.)...done
  • Update copyright year...done
  • Search for and correct broken links...done
  • Upgrade wiki program...done
  • Upgrade wiki recipes...done
  • Upgrade forum program...done
  • Upgrade forum extension fancy video tag ( process
  • Back up forum database...done
  • Back up website...done
  • Trim forum users...done
  • Update PDF species lists...done
  • Update website species lists...done
  • Update Flickr species lists...done
  • End of year updates forum post...done

As Time Permits (Senior Author)

  • Fine-tune header progress
  • Update range maps...
  • Update species ids...
  • Flip species ids to face the same way...
  • Create educational posters using Scribus...
  • Create Youtube educational slide programs...
  • Check/Update error reporting on website...
  • Fix mobile usability issues identified by Google (
  • Update wiki skin to be mobile compatible...
  • Upgrade forum program (Luna/ModernBB?)...postponed
  • Photos from others solution (Flickr?)...abandoned; post selected photos to forum?

Species Accounts of Highest Priority to Write (All Authors)

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