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Hey new here just wanna say hey I'm Mitchell, does anybody here breed tegus?


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Welcome Mitchell....& just between you & I, this forum is a pretty quiet place.  Hope you find a tegu-breeder, sorry I can't help ya there.


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Lol awesome, yeah I have noticed nobody sales tegus here. But I know some about them and wanted to breed them, does anyone own a reptile shop here around Batesville or Searcy? I know of a couple and knew Batesville closed down, but I might be interested in helping someone set up one, reason why is I travel a lot, finance wise I could help and in times like now when I'm laid off, but just really wanna get my breeding going and have great quality animals to sell


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Welcome, Mitchell.

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Hey! I'm late to the Welcome Wagon but glad to have you aboard! I'm also not sure of any tegu breeders in the state. Perhaps you could find one at the next Repticon show in memphis.

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Sounds awesome, thanks