Topic: Any Boa breeders in Arkansas?

Any one know a Boa breeder in Arkansas?


Re: Any Boa breeders in Arkansas?

I once talked to one on another forum. But now that the forum is blocked, or something with my ISP. Although, I went there and through a proxy, still didn't work. I think the forum is missing.


Re: Any Boa breeders in Arkansas?

Not sure which forum you're referring to, Eretim, or how long ago you went there?  There used to be a forum called redtailboa.net that stopped functioning a couple years ago.

But another forum with a similar name is alive & well, & I recommend it:  www.RedTailBoas.com   I am also a member there, but off-hand, I don't know of a local breeder in AR
to answer the OP.  The RTB forum is geared to captive-bred snakes+ of ALL kinds, btw, not just boas, whereas the focus here seems to be observation & discussion of AR natives.