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Hi! My name is Briana and I kinda stumbled upon this site. I am looking into getting a fat-tailed gecko and wanted to find a discussion board to help answer some of my questions . So, this will be a fun adventure for me , but one question I do have is the only place to find reptiles in LR just Petsmart and Petco or are there places outside of LR I can go?


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Well you may be able to find a local breeder. A lot of people have had very bad experiences with the above mentioned stores and care of the animals. I really can't recommend supporting either. I've seen things like dead animals in cages, tropical species placed on sand, completely wrong labeling. Often times employees may give out wrong care advice.

There are many online reptile dealers you could use. Also online reptile classifieds for just breeders and other hobbyists. Most reptiles can be shipped overnight to your door by fedex. This is probably the most common way that people purchase reptiles nowadays. Oh be sure to try and find reviews though before you make a purchase!

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Welcome, Briana.

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Hi Briana...I've kept a few kinds of geckoes but it's been some years now, & I never kept fat-tails.  I agree with Patrick's post...and beware of bad "advice" from pet stores,
they may mean well but don't really know, or they may just be out to make a sale.  Either way, their animals often do poorly because they've been so stressed by the
process of shipping & poor husbandry before & after arrival in the store.  They're also exposed to diseases & parasites (mites) too.  A serious hobby breeder or one who has
their own business is a far better bet, but be sure to ask questions and check references.  If they don't answer questions BEFORE the sale, they sure won't bother once
they have your money.  One place you can check for risky sources is www.faunaclassifieds.com (you'll have to register to use the forum).  Geckoes are so cool!  Good luck!


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Yeah!! I have been doing my research on fat-tailed gecko and trying to make sure what all I need to have the perfect habit for them. I will look into some of the sites listed and see if there are some places outside of Arkansas I can get one. Hoping to drive to get one because I live in an apartment complex and I do not want anything left outside my door, but I shall continue to look!


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If you have a gecko shipped to you, you might be able to have the package held locally for you to pick up...???  Depends on who it's shipped thru,
ask in advance.  Glad you're thinking about that.