Topic: Saw these snakes today in my yard

They were rather large as that flower pot is big..likely well over 3 ft long? What are they? Belly was lighter as they twisted and they had patterned on their sides too: a dark reddish brown bas shown on close up. They quickly headed for cover when they sensed me. I live in Western Ar, near Oklahoma, in a heavily wooded area.

Thanks for any help you can offer in identifying them.

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Re: Saw these snakes today in my yard

Really cool observation.  These are western rat snakes (aka 'blacksnake' or 'chickensnake') in the throws of romance!   You basically interrupted the equivalent of 'parking' for these snakes smile   I'm sure they resumed somewhere more private.

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Re: Saw these snakes today in my yard

I love the ones with the red coloration. Some have this coloration and some lack it. I've also found belly patterns and color vary sometime with these.

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Re: Saw these snakes today in my yard

Beautiful pics....I can see why they chose that pretty place as "lover's lane".


Re: Saw these snakes today in my yard

Thanks for the responses! We have chickens but they are pretty securely penned up. When we've had chicks they live in a pen that has part hardware cloth along bottom , chicken wire & cyclone fencing.
There's lots of wood rats and field mice at our place so I'm glad to have these as neighbors. Seen Copperheads here as well so I hope the Rat Snakes will keep them away from the house too! Our property is over 10 acres of woods with a pond so there's lots of critters. I prefer the ones near the house to be non poisonous smile
I guessed the snakes were rather amorous and hoping we get a few extra rat removal experts!

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Re: Saw these snakes today in my yard

Just a note of caution, since you appreciate help from the snakes there:  many snakes get stuck & die in typical "chicken wire".  They don't know any better than to

try to crawl thru those round holes, but they may get stuck midway & are unable to back out (because of the directional nature of their scales).  For that reason, it's

better to use hardware cloth in your yard, with smaller holes so snakes aren't killed.  Venomous & non-venomous snakes may compete for some of the same meals,

so you are right to prefer harmless ones near your house:  when people kill off harmless snakes (on purpose or by accident) the next snake to take advantage of the

location may be venomous.   All the best to you & your "rat-removal assistants"-