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I don't live in a particularly messy house, but I found this lizard blending into my carpet in my home in North Little Rock. He blended extremely well, and he may have been there for a long time before I noticed it. I think it's a Mediterranean House Gecko, not a native species. What do I do with it, is it what I think it is, why is it in my house? Here are some pics.


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How cute!  I'd capture it & either keep as a pet (if you are so inclined) or offer it to someone who is...maybe someone here on this site?
And don't worry, it doesn't mean your house is "messy" to have a lizard move in with you...I suspect he preferred the cooler air found
escaping thru the cracks in your home (maybe around plumbing or doors/windows?) and decided to check it out.  He may have come in
quite some time ago without you noticing, since he blends in so well...and he may now be too big to leave thru whatever gap he entered
by....and besides that, it's too hot out for him to survive.   They eat little bugs so he's probably been catching a few for you...things like
crickets or flies etc.  (I've heard of people who deliberately released geckos in their basement to eat the bugs, but I don't recommend that-
just "saying".)  I agree that appears to be a Medit. House gecko, by the way-  quite harmless but not native.  If I lived closer I'd
happily take him in...I've kept geckos before & like them.  I'd love to find one in my place...no such luck!  When I used to live in the
Southern California desert, it wasn't all that rare to find a tiny "night" lizard in one's house.  Back then I kept a local banded gecko in a
covered tank, and one day I found a loose night lizard admiring the gecko's home from atop the screen, LOL!


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Yep ^.  Their tails do break off very easily...which you may have found out already, if you tried to capture or move it.  Also, nocturnal.

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These are becoming more and more common in AR it seems.

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