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This little creature has been living under our threshold for several days and is surely becoming one of the family. We do not pick it up or touch it, but we do feed it crickets. I'm just wondering if I am correct in that this is the Broad-Headed Skink and is there any danger of having him around as I have a 3 y/o son. I have never seen a lizard this large and I just want to make sure he's not a danger. We try and accommodate all creatures but if it's dangerous, we'll have him relocated.

The attached video is a little over a minute and if you watch it in its entirety, you'll see how beautiful and how large this lizard actually is...


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Hello! It seems the video did not attach. What you are describing does sounds like a broad-headed skink. That is the largest lizard we have here in AR. Don't worry about him being dangerous. No lizards here can pose a harm. No lizards in AR are venomous. Sounds like an awesome to creature to have around. Its awesome he will take crickets from ya'll. They are one of my favorite lizard species!

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Thank you for your response. It seems that my video is too large to attach but I'm going to try and attack a picture. He is a friendly little fellow and will come snatch a cricket out of your fingers. We have affectionately named him Charlie and he's my son's new best friend. I love being able to teach my child to appreciate and respect nature and that not everything needs to be killed like so many believe.


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Meet Charlie

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Yes, Broad-Headed Skink.  Thanks for sharing your experience and fostering learning in your child!

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Yes, thank you and good "work" for living with nature.  I wish I had that skink living here..the crickets are quite prolific.
I do have smaller lizards around though.