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Early this afternoon, at about 12 PM, we found this little fellow on a teak bench on our deck which is 35 feet above the surrounding land.  The deck is also no closer than 20 feet to surrounding tree canopy.  He was in excellent condition, very energetic (and full of urine), and a great jumper.  What is he and  how in the world did he manage to land on our deck?--we had not brought any plants, pots, bags of soil or any other item to the portion of the deck he landed on, and that portion is thoroughly screened off from any access to even his small size.

Eric Berman
Mt. Sequoyah,
Fayetteville, AR

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Re: Who is this?

Gray Treefrog.  These spend most of their time up in trees.  It thinks your bench is a tree.  ;-)

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Re: Who is this?

Tree-frogs do end up in some strange places.  I once found one stuck on the front window of a local department store...and with
nothing around it but parking lots & busy roads.  I figure it must have hitch-hiked on someone's vehicle, and I relocated it to a far
better habitat (trees).