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Hey all,
So my kids and I fished out two tadpoles from the kiddie pool in the backyard in August. They took forever to develop and I now know it was probably due to the water not being as warm as it was outside but one of them has developed all 4 legs and the other has 3, watching close to see if the 2nd front leg makes an appearance tomorrow as the first front leg just showed up since yesterday. Anyways i am attatching bad cell phone pics of my little froglet to see if anyone can identify? Is it too soon to know what kind of frog I have? I have looked through the frog pictures here and only the bird voiced tree frog looks close but I saw a tadpole picture of one somewhere else and they didn’t resemble mine so idk. I had planned on releasing them in spring as I was worried it would be too cold now to release...I have frog and tadpole food from petco but was wondering once the tail is fully absorbed should I be using crickets?

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Re: Froglet Help

Ft. Smith is not in the range for Bird-voiced, but this is one of the Gray Treefrog complex (Hyla chrysoscelis/versicolor).  Feeding at this stage can be a bit tricky, but pinhead crickets and/or flightless fruit flies are probably your best bet.  Good luck.

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