Topic: Common Red Tail Boa for Sale: Little Rock

I have a common red tail boa for sale with cage and all accessories.  I've had him since he was a baby.  Now about 4 1/2 feet.  Very healthy, beautiful markings, and excellent with people.
I would like someone to have him that has reptile experience or someone that has read about taking care of a boa, and ready to take on the responsibility.
My son is going off to college and I travel for work, so he needs a good new home.

Asking $150 for everything or best offer.

Call or text 501-515-8593 for more information or pictures.

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Re: Common Red Tail Boa for Sale: Little Rock

Have you posted this with all the veterinarians (& especially those who treat exotics) in your area?  If not, that's a good place to connect with people who responsibly seek vet. care for their animals, and many are ready for a new pet.  Many vet. offices have a bulletin board, & most will take your info & ask around.  Most zoos, sadly, get more such re-homing ads than they can bear to look at.  This forum is rather quiet, but you never know?  I'd also suggest that you list with faunaclassifieds.com for maximum exposure.  That site has wide exposure & activity.

Many years ago I took in an unwanted (very defensive-an insistent biter) yearling BCI (boa) that I tamed & kept for some 12 years...she was a wonderful pet who never bit me, but I never intended to own such a large snake...she was a rescue that I hoped would stay smaller.  When she got to 7 1/2' feet, she moved in with a vet-tech I know & her husband & family, where she has resided for the last several years.  (I gave her to them.)  They are into the bigger snakes & are younger than I am.  Sometimes you just need to ask around.  Good luck.