Topic: Copperhead or lookalike?

While walking through our woods, we came upon what we think was an 18" copperhead sunning itself on the trail. But, looking at some photos, I'm not sure now. It had the same overall tan-gray color with a regular pattern spaced about the same as a copperhead, but I'm not sure the pattern was copperhead. Are there any close look-alikes in southern Arkansas?  By the way, it just took a gentle nudge to get him off the trail. We kind of hated to imterrupt his sunbath.


Re: Copperhead or lookalike?

Unfortunately that list of so-called Copperhead lookalikes is long.......  I'd probably have to list out half of the snakes in Arkansas.

I think the more commonly misidentified would be:

Prairie Kingsnake
Great Plains Rat Snake
Young Black Rat Snake

If, after looking at some pictures of a Copperhead, you are saying to yourself, "I'm not quite sure that it was a Copperhead...", then I'm going to say that you can be about 95% certain that it truly was not.

I wish I could get more people to nudge with their snake-sticks and beat less!   smile

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