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[color=#FF40BF:14ttbfav]If anyone in Arkansas is interested in a small Mastiff (English) female puppy please let me know.  She is 8 weeks old and only 8lbs, tiny little runt of the litter. She is free to a very good home. She does have an umbilical hernia that will need to be  evaluated by your Vet to determine if surgery would be needed, more than likely its just something that can be taken care of when she is spayed. She is a little fawn with black mask doll. She could end up being an average sized English Mastiff or could end up on the small end. Its really hard to tell. Please take that into consideration, she could be a 100+ lb dog when grown. Message me if your interested and I can put you in contact with my friend. She is located near Malvern. I do have a picture of her available as well.[/color:14ttbfav]

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That is the kind of dog I want. Too bad I live in a small apartment atm. Sucks


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LOL!! I already have an almost 6 year-old, spoiled-rotten, female English Mastiff. If I had a bigger house, I would consider it but we're at full capacity right now.
I love her to death and they are truly wonderful dogs but very high maintenance. Whoever takes her will have to realize that they are not outside dogs and will have to work just to support her and keep a large supply of rawhides and squeaky-toys on hand!


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Thanks, she did find a good home back in January. I forgot to update the post. wink

Here is my English lap dog, who is also about 6 years old. He is getting more and more gray in his face every day I swear! big_smile


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Wow!! He sure is a handsome fellow, Anja!! And his side-kick is pretty darn cute too!

I know what you mean about the white muzzle. It even throws my camera metering off. I have a hard time getting a color-correct photo anymore!  hmm
Glad to hear that your friend found a good home for the little one...although by now I'm sure she's quite a good size. LOL!!


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It even throws my camera metering off. I have a hard time getting a color-correct photo anymore! hmm

Apologies if you've done this already, but try spot-metering the white and then use manual settings to overexpose a stop or two.   Meters get easily confused by very dark or light colors because they try to make whatever they are metering neutral.  Overexposing will help keep your whites white.  The reverse also works for darks.



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Just popped in quickly....
Thanks for that tip Van!!
I'll have to try that....I didn't even think about doing spot-metering on her white muzzle.
My main problem is that it overexposes the white and underexposes the rest of her. And for some reason, turns the "fawn" part of her either red or green.
So since it is already overexposing her white muzzle, do I need to underexpose the shot then (I do shoot in "manual" mode) ??
I'm VERY new to digital and it is completely different than a SLR, I'm finding out!