Topic: Fall trip species totals

Friday, 10/7/11:

Benton Co., Indian Creek/Beaver dam area:

1 Western worm snake
1 Eastern hognose snake
1 Fowler's toad
1 DOR Rough green snake

Saturday, 10/8/11:

Benton Co., Hobbs state park, (Van Winkle area):

1 Spring peeper (Calling)
TMTC Salamander larvae (Euryucea)
3 Bullfrogs
1 Southern copperhead
1 Eastern fence lizard

Benton Co., Hobbs state park (Wildlife pond):

TMTC Salamander larvae (Ambystoma)
TMTC tadpoles (Hyla and Lithobates)
1 Southern leopard frog

Benton Co., Hide a way campground:

3 Northern cricket frogs
5 Salamander larvae (Eurycea)
1 Western slimy salamander
2 Three-toed box turtles

Madison Co., Madison Co. WMA:

1 Fowler's toad
1 Gray treefrog (Calling)
2 Spring peepers (Calling)
1 Bullfrog
1 Green frog
3 Dark-sided salamanders
1 Western cottonmouth
2 Garter snakes
1 Five-lined skink

Carrol Co., Berryville site:

2 Oklahoma salamanders
2 Cave salamanders
1 Slimy salamander
6 Grotto salamanders
12 Flathead snakes
1 Rough earth snake
1 Ringneck snake
1 Speckled kingsnake
1 Ribbon snake
2 Garter snakes
2 Ground snakes
3 Eastern fence lizards
1 Ground skink

Sunday, 10/9/11:

Benton Co., Hobbs state park (Shaddox hollow trail):

3 Cricket frogs
4 Cave salamanders
2 Dark-sided salamanders
5 Ringneck snakes
1 Garter snake
1 Western worm snake
3 Eastern fence lizards

If anyone spots any errors or omissions, please PM me with your corrections.  smile


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