Topic: Bylaws & Pocket Cards???

Has there ever been any discussion regarding coming up with a set of bylaws for the group. I know I'm new and don't want to overstep my bounds, but I ask the question for the following reason:

I was out doing some field surveying the other morning and was stopped by a park attendant, who upon seeing my snake hook quickly announced that "capturing" any wildlife in the park was strictly prohibited and they had already called the park ranger.  I explained that I was simply surveying and not capturing anything to keep.  The ranger arrived and we spoke for a moment and I showed him my day sack which contained my camera, notebook, infrared thermometer, first aid supplies, water, snacks, gps, and radio.  He was not only very interested at this point to see my field notes, but was actually very amazed and asked for my phone number and contact info so he could pass it along to the AG&F biologist in the area.  He told the attendant that I was fine and as long as I was not keeping specimens from the park or damaging anything I could count and document all I wanted. 

I was just wondering if we had a set of bylaws outlining what was and wasn't permitted as a representative of the group and every member that agreed to said bylaws could possess a pocket card identifying themselves as a member for that purpose of collecting data; it might make the group a little more accepted by local authorities.  It is just a thought.  I have had a couple of run-ins with local authorities, who always understand once I explain what I am doing.  I know they are just trying to protect the natural beauty of our state and it's wild creatures; they just want to ensure I am doing the same.

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