Topic: Parasite treatments

Would anyone be able to suggest treatment options for a wild caught snake which has contracted encysted parasites?  The snake is a juvenile speckled king snake and it has bumps beneath its scales across its entire body.  No evidence of external parasites such as ticks or mites.


Re: Parasite treatments

Short of taking to a vet for proper diagnosis and treatment, there are a few home remedies that could possibly help.  Issues like this, however, can be difficult to solve...particularly if far along.

You could try periodic Epsom salt soaks.  30 min soaks every other day for a week or so...then maybe back off how often.  I would treat till next shed and then one or two treatments after shed.  Diluted Betadine can also be used for treatment soaks, so you could try that instead of salt or alternate.

Outside of that, keep the snake and container very dry, but do always keep a small bowl of fresh water available.

Raise the temperature in one corner of the container so the snake can bask; use a utility lamp if you don't have other means.

Hope for at least one or two clean sheds.

Others may chime in with other (better) suggestions.

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