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Last night I was taking my dogs out for their evening relief, and as we were headed off to the side yard under some big cedar trees I saw one of them step over and then on what I thought was some kind of slug. On closer inspection, I realized it was no slug! And, despite being basically stepped on by a big hairy thing, it didn't attempt to defend itself.

So, after years and years of herping, I find my first ever wild mutant, and it's right freaking outside my house.

At this point I'm going to hang on to it and see if I can elicit a feeding response. It being under the cedars reminded me of the weird phenomenon in Yellville or thereabouts some years back when a guy had tons of copperheads appearing to congregate under and around some cedar trees behind his house. I think the working hypothesis at the time was that they were hunting cicadas? So I'm curious if that's what this little guy/gal was doing.

I'll go out over the next few evenings and see if he/she has any siblings. Based on its size though, I'm guessing it was last year's baby. I'd love to find mom and see what she looks like!

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Re: Wild Striped Copperhead

Wow, cool find!  Good luck with the family reunion!

Funny you mention those congregations near Yellville...has anyone heard any more about that?  I have to think there's a large commonly-used
hibernaculum in the area that they've so far missed finding the entrance to.  I hope they leave it alone, if they ever find it...obviously many lives
depend on it.