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See this guy a few times in last couple months.  I didn't want to get to close because we do have pygmy rattlesnakes and timber rattlesnakes in North Madison County.  I can't see any slits in the eye, from my pictures though, but wasn't sure if that was just due to glare.  Just doesn't seem to match any other snake pictures on this site with the orange spots on the side.

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Re: Snake ID help?

Oh it is maybe a foot long.

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Re: Snake ID help?

I think that's a Midland Brown snake...harmless & cute little critter!  Take a look at the gallery of photos for the M.B.- ?
They can be brown OR gray, & they are live-bearing; and btw, it's NOT a rattlesnake.


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It is a Midland Brownsnake.  Neat coloration.

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Re: Snake ID help?

Thanks everyone.  The first time I saw it I had a bunch of grade school students with me and though I didn't think it was a dangerous snake at first, it did worry me that it didn't look like any of the ones I was familiar with.


Re: Snake ID help?

I agree, it's always better to make sure of what you're dealing with...AND, you set a good example for the kids to follow too
(look, & don't touch or get too close), so good job.