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Okay y'all, my neighbor killed a snake today because he thought it was a moccasin, hell, he told everyone he killed a moccasin. Problem is...it's not a moccasin! It was charcoal with a yellowish cream underbelly and the scales split after its privates. He had round pupils and about 3 foot long. No fangs, I checked. Now here's the crazy part,  he went from thick bodied to a stumpy tail, not a long slender one. Here a pic of a rosy boa  to show you how the tail looked. Any ideas? I'll try to get pic in the morning.


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For some reason pic didnt upload!

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Just a guess (pics would help) but a stumpy tail in a snake might be an injury (missing tail tip).  Predators grab snake tails

& sometimes the snake gets away, albeit "shorter".  I keep & have raised rosy boas, so I do know what you mean by that.

And some snakes are born/hatched with imperfections too.  I hope you can educate your neighbor to "chill out" & share the planet

Was it anything like this?  http://herpsofarkansas.com/Snake/NerodiaErythrogaster